Are you thinking of buying a new carpet?

In this blog post, we will explain the basics of the differing types of carpet you can choose from – let alone the variety of colour choices!  

In subsequent features, we will explain, in greater detail, each type of carpet and why it may suit you and your lifestyle.  

The choice of carpet these days is vast. Polypropylene, polyester, wool mix or nylon? Whatever you decide you would like, most of our customers will find that it comes down to budget. We carefully vet and check each type of carpet that we sell to ensure the right quality flooring that is fit for purpose. After all, it’s our duty as your trusted retailer to do so! 

The basics for you to consider are: 

  • Where is this carpet going in your home? 
  • The desired look and feel you want to achieve. 
  • What budget do you want to spend? 

From these choices, we can usually determine what kind of carpet will suit you best. However, to give you a head start, we have outlined the basics for you below. 

Man-made carpets

Polypropylene is currently our most popular man-made carpet, but there are other man-made options such as polyester and nylon. Man-made carpets are great for an easy life – most are bleach cleanable (Yes, BLEACH!) which is fantastic for those stubborn spills and those with families. Also, it can come in exceptionally soft variants which are wonderful for those no-shoes areas. Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that man-made carpets tend to be cheaper than wool carpets which is another reason for their popularity. 

Wool carpets

Wool carpets have been the choice of the many for centuries as they are very hard-wearing. Being natural, they have ‘spring’ abilities which allow the carpet to keep its appearance. Also, wool is naturally light in colour which means it can be dyed into almost any colour imaginable! While most wool has a natural resilience to stains, it, unfortunately, doesn’t clean quite as well as its man-made counterpart.  

Cut pile

Cut Pile carpets are what most people would consider the standard type of carpet. It’s the variant that most people are used to with its level and tight appearance. This variety of carpet is quick to produce and is the go-to for most of our customers.  


Looped or Berber carpet has grown considerably in the last few years and has become increasingly fashionable. As the carpet is looped through the backing, much like a sewing machine stitches, it is very hard-wearing and will hold its appearance exceptionally well. 

Most looped carpets come in either 100% man-made, 50/50 man-made wool mix or 100% wool and they usually follow the same suit in relation to price range.  

So, there we have it. You are now one step closer to becoming a carpet expert! You can use the above information to decide which carpet may suit you. However, we would always recommend speaking to one of our carpet experts in our store – We know a thing or two.