COVID-19 and retail plans

Covid-19 has caused the world a great deal of disruption.

We have updated this post and now have a ‘shop safely‘ page specifically for our customers.

This fast-spreading virus has put the world partly on hold and has changed the way businesses are operating in what was an already challenging market. As you will be aware, V R Flowers & Son has taken the decision to change and as of the writing of this blog post, we have been closed for over 2 weeks. Due to us being a ‘non-essential business’ we decided to close the day after Boris Johnson announced the news that the UK would be on lockdown. It was not an easy decision as we had never seen anything like it in our 72-year existence. However, the overriding feeling was that of protection. Protection of our community, customers and staff all of whom are integral to our future.

All is not doom and gloom however. We are taking this opportunity as an ideal moment to upgrade some of our infrastructure to further improve our customers’ experience. Improvements to our website and store are in progress. We are doing our best to take advantage of this situation as it’s unlikely we will have this opportunity again (at least we hope not!). We hope that you also take advantage of this period to make improvements to your own lives no matter how small they are.

Over and above anything – Stay Safe and Stay Inside. We hope to see you all very soon for some exciting new times!