Choosing a sofa that’s right for you

How do you go about choosing a sofa which is right for you with so many styles and colours to choose from? You may think you know what you want, but once you start browsing the internet and walking around the sales, the styles, shapes and alternatives seem endless.

The first consideration must be the size. After all, how much space in your living can your sofa take up? Do you want a coffee table or an L-shaped sofa or one which makes a statement and becomes the focal point of your living room?

If your living room is more compact, you will be looking for a smaller settee, and it’s better to be more practical and choose a style and fabric to complement the rest of your room.

Think about how you use your living room. Is it for your family to lounge in and relax? Do you have multiple seating areas where a large group can sit around and chat or is it more for sitting down in front of the TV?

Consider your areas and the shape of your room. Do you need the sofa to act as a divider?

Think also about the upholstery materials – fabric, velvet, leather and whether you need them resistant to fading, and to be stain-resistant.

Choose a style that complements your home – sleek and modern will call for clean lines and perhaps dramatic colours or do you have an eclectic mix of styles, fabrics and patterns. Are you more traditional? If so, the classic sofa will work well and complement the rest of your furniture. Don’t be afraid to add your personal touches, for example, why not use your sense of fun and accessorise a more everyday sofa with quirky, modern cushions or throws.

rebecca buttonback sofa navy

Rebecca (above) has been styled on the well-loved classic Chesterfield. This stylish button-back sofa is available in dark blue velvet, in two sizes and an armchair.

2.5 seat sofa £1079, 2-seat sofa £999, Armchair £669 (prices correct until 15 February 2020)

Roxie 2-seater sofa

Roxie is a stunning new addition to the V R Flowers range. Available in dusky pink or navy-blue velvet upholstery, it’s a neat sofa that fits in any modern setting.

Perfect for those looking to utilise their space, the petite dimensions mean it would fit anywhere. It would even make a fantastic feature in a larger bedroom. Roxie two-seat sofa at £599 while stocks available.

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