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A dream carpet! 10 year warranty £35.99 sq. metre includes fitting and 9mm high-density underlay

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    Kaymed Beds


    Kaymed Beds are a trusted bed manufacturer with more than 100 years’ experience in the bed industry.  The company manufacture beds and a large range of luxury innovative mattresses with high levels of support and comfort.

    Kaymed Beds

    Any customers looking for pressure relief while they sleep would benefit from reading about the Kaymed bed range. Kaymed mattresses have firm and deep layers of upholstery with the latest phase-change crystal technology to keep temperatures regulated through the night.

    Therma~Phase+™ Kaymed mattresses

    These mattresses have a high density visco-elastic material infused with unique phase-change gel crystals and a copper infusion. So, what does that mean?

    The high density visco-elastic provides your body with optimum levels of comfort and support as well as pressure relief, essential for a good night’s sleep. Therma~Phase works quickly and the copper infusion accelerates reactions to your body temperature.

    The gel crystals work through the night to absorb, store, and release your body heat to maintain the ideal sleep surface on the mattress. The copper infusion is a natural anti-bacterial, and anti-viral element which is essential for good body health. 

    Kaymed Beds offer a 10-year guarantee on complete divan sets. Which is a 5-year guarantee followed by a 5 year warranty on the mattress only.

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