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    Sealy Posturepedic Mattresses


    What is unique about Sealy’s range of Elevate Mattresses?

    Sealy is a world-famous British brand with decades of experience, research and science combined with a love of crafting excellent mattresses. Their skill and workmanship are second to none, and their Posturepedic range provides different firmness levels to suit all sleep patterns.

    Each Sealy Posturepedic mattress is cleverly designed and developed for support, comfort and durability. The mattresses will help reduce any muscular tension and strain, and align your body while you rest.

    The Posturepedic mattresses are available in four sizes: small, double, king and super king. Each is available in firm, medium and plush.

    Not too firm, not too soft – but a first-class centre-ground medium mattress.

    The Chadwick Medium from Sealy’s Elevate Collection is a great medium mattress. When you visit V R Flowers to look at the range, you can try the various styles. We recommend that everyone should try a mattress before purchasing, and you certainly can’t do that if you order online.

    When you spend between 6 and 8 hours every day in bed, your mattress needs to offer you the best comfort and support. 

    What can you expect from Sealy’s Posturepedic mattresses?

    Let’s start with the springs – they are precisely engineered and totally unique to Sealy. AlignSupportTM is a two-stage coil design sensing and responding to your personal shape while you sleep. As you relax into the mattress, the springs sense your body contours, and will support your natural posture and spinal alignment. Sealy’s AlignSupportTM then springs into action applying the correct level of support which is personalised to you.

    For durability, the springs are twice tempered, making them even more resilient.

    Every Sealy Posturepedic mattress is Unicased® giving your mattress stability and structure across the whole sleep surface. You don’t get that ‘rolling off’ feeling and will be able to sit on the edge to put your shoes and socks on. It’s impressive how mattress technology has moved on.

    When it comes to comfort, these mattresses definitely need to be tried in store. They are refined with ComfortCoreTM in the centre third of the mattress, which is the perfect position for pressure relief on your hips and lower back area. Together with a combination of medium and firm foam layers and multiple air channels, the mattress feels great whenever you decide to take a rest. In addition, the fabrics benefit from unique technology and research. Woven with SmarTexTM and ProShield®, heat is dispersed away from the skin resulting in a cooler and cleaner night’s sleep.

    Sealy is proud of its technology, and each Posturepedic mattress has a seven-year guarantee. They are all made by hand in Britain.

    The Riley Firm Mattress from Sealy’s Elevate Collection

    The Riley mattress is perfect for customers looking for a good quality firm mattress. It has all the Sealy attributes mentioned above but uses a double layer of firm foam to give a more robust feel.

    The Pasmore Plush Mattress from Sealy’s Elevate Collection

    This luxury mattress is a real winner and stands proud at the forefront of Sealy’s Posturepedic Collection.

    The Pasmore includes all the technology mentioned above but is enhanced with Sealy’s very own InfiniluxTM premium foam layers offering additional resilience and sumptuous comfort. The layers of medium soft foam provide a lavish level of luxury.

    Why not visit our store and discover the difference that these new mattresses could make to your night’s sleep?

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