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    Beds and Mattress


    Luxury beds and mattress specialists in East Sussex

    We stock an excellent collection of top brand British made beds including Hypnos and Harrisons. Our value-for-money range includes Heathbeds with their hypo-allergenic mattresses and Sweet Dreams, an award-winning affordable bed manufacturer.

    Hypnos bed and mattress

    All our suppliers are carefully selected for their quality, materials and craftsmanship. When it comes to choosing a new bed, you cannot do any better than the above, all-British manufacturers, renowned for the most comfortable and environmentally-friendly beds in the UK. 

    What do you look for when you are buying a new bed or mattress?

    Are you thinking of buying a new bed? We all know that a good night’s sleep is essential, and the foundation of good sleep is a comfortable bed and mattress. Research shows us that often people do not make the connection between poor sleep and an uncomfortable bed. After all, beds don’t last for ever and the lifespan of a mattress is affected by how much you use it, your weight loss and gain, care, and changes in habit or lifestyle.

    There are thousands of beds from which to choose and any good retailers will help you make the right decision according to best value and the support and comfort you require. And you might be surprised to know that size does matter. You should both be able to lie side-by-side with your elbows out, not touching one another. 

    There is lots more helpful advice helping you choose the right bed, here on our ‘Top tips for choosing a Bed’.

    Test beds and mattress before you buy

    We would always recommend trying a bed and suggest giving yourselves plenty of time when bed buying.  We spend a third of our lives in bed and it is always wise to take your partner with you when buying a new bed. Make sure you are both happy with your choice and that you have the correct support.

    Divan beds 

    Divans are the most popular style of bed frames in the UK as they are frequently available with drawers. This does not affect the comfort or quality of the divan, but it does cost slightly more than a traditional bedstead.

    Not only is there a large range of customisation for your divan, the colour and fabric choices are exceptional and will help complement your bedroom decor.

    There are three main types of divan:

    Slatted bases and bedsteads

    Bedsteads tend to use slatted bases which can be rigid or flexible. Flexible slats are mounted in a frame with some springiness. They are made from laminated soft woods.

    Bedsteads come in hundreds of styles from contemporary designs to country and classic styles. They are available in wood, metal, plastic, upholstered or a combination of materials. You can find bedsteads with a sprung base and some manufacturers will make these to order.

    Our range of bedsteads range from traditional to contemporary and it has never been easier to find a style that will match your bedroom.

    Guest beds

    Guest beds provide the perfect space saving solution for your spare bedroom. With a trundle bed beneath a single bedstead you can create two single beds or a large double for your guests with ease.

    Adjustable beds are becoming more popular

    As more and more people watch TV from bed, spend time on their laptops, as well as have breakfast in bed, adjustable beds have become quite a trend. They also offer benefits for people with medical conditions who need to sleep in a raised position.

    Most of the adjustable beds we sell look like a traditional divan and some incorporate massage units as optional extras.

    Adjustable beds come as singles and doubles with adjustable halves. Our top suppliers, Hypnos and Harrison Beds offer adjustable beds and our sales staff will be happy to talk through all the options with you when you call into the store or call us and ask for more details on 01323 892040.

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